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Official reaction to the forthcoming meeting of Foreign Ministers of G-8 and other

June 11, 1998 

Official reaction to the forthcoming meeting of Foreign Ministers of G-8 and other countries

We have seen reports regarding a forthcoming meeting of Foreign
Ministers of G-8 and other countries. Our reaction to the pronouncements
in recent weeks of the UN Security Council, G-8 and P-5 countries makes
it clear that India categorically rejects any suggestions for curtailing
our nuclear weapon or missile development programmes. These are
decisions to be taken by the Government of India on the basis of its own
assessments and national security requirements.

We would urge these countries who claim to speak on behalf of the
international community to take note of the unilateral gestures made by
India in recent weeks. These include, inter alia , the institution of a
moratorium on nuclear testing; our willingness to explore ways and means
for de jure formalisation of this undertaking; readiness to engage in
negotiations on an FMCT in the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva;
maintain and further develop strict export controls on nuclear and
related materials and technologies, resume discussions with Pakistan on
all issues including our suggestion for a no-first-use agreement. These
gestures and other statements reflect both our desire to further the
global disarmament and non-proliferation agenda as well as our
commitment to pursuing direct bilateral dialogue with Pakistan for
promoting security and stability in the region. There is no place for
any third party involvement of any nature whatsoever in this process.

Any action, on the part of the G-8 which does not take these proposals
into account is short sighted and will be counter productive. We would
expect a positive response to our initiatives from those who claim to
speak for the international community, rather than prescriptive and
coercive suggestions which are neither responsible nor constructive.